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Design Desk Critic day for Studio V.  As the process of individual design, all the students have a couple of different ideas for the “Building”. The design strategies are from multiple perspectives, marital, structural, circulation, joint… Hands drawing on trace paper tell the thinking process. It is a good way to begin our design by hand-drawing, cause we have so many fragmentized ideas in our mind. It takes too much time to go through each idea on the computer. By hand-drawing, we can think and produce at the same time and easy to go back and force on trace paper.


Based on our research and comments from the first meeting with the client. The expectation for the “Building” is :

  • Movable
  • Foldable
  • Convertible
  • Based on module
  • Provide shadow
  • multi-function


To achieve the goals. We design a lot of operatable wood pieces for the structural. And after the talk with the professor, the overall comment is “Kaiku the mind for design”.

We think about the mobility and changeability of our project. That some part of the building can be take off and move to the different location,  even the structural can extend and fold every day.

We need to consider and keep the balance of the flexible part. The whole structural maybe easy to installed by a group of 7-8 people.  But when we use it for the daily situation, it may be too heavy for only 1-2 person to operate the structural. It is important to consider the weight of moving pieces. So we said “Kaiku”!

Keep the design idea but thinking the detail very carefully, design the convertible pieces based on reasonable weight and size.


Next Friday, we will have the individual design review. If you are interesting, please join us!



Only Have 8 people in the studio today, it should be 9 !!! One guy is missing!!!

Guess where he went?  He was on the way to attend his wedding!

Happy wedding! C.M

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