Today is our group design review day!

Nine individual design developed into three design concept. The three ideas go to the different directions that give us more potential to consider the design.

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All the topic around the review is about scale, function, shape, detail. One of the design looks more architecture approach but has more problem with the framer stand function. The design is more focus on the iconic, that we consider about how people can see the building from the road. The function part will come from the attached furniture.

The second design is focused on the moveable panel system. The whole building is covered by 3’X3′ panel system. The panel can be turned to the shelf.

The third concept comes from the solving the function problem. The framer stand can be closed during the night that the people do not need to move their product every day. And the door can open to the different detections that make more space around the building. For the next step for this concept is to go through the all the details. How the joins come together, how the rotate part can work longer… All the details will be our next challenge.

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