Just Keep Cutting, Cutting, Cutting….


Yesterday we finally got our first delivery of wood!  It was a bit of a chore bringing all of the boards in, but we were all excited to be able to start cutting.  The first thing we did was take an inventory of the shipment and then start nesting our pieces into them so we were able to get the most efficient use out of them.  The main thing that we used this wood for was cutting the slats for the doors; all 336 of them!  Fortunately we were able to get all of the boards cut to length and also to start prepping them by running them through the joiner and planer.

On the steel front, as I am sure you are already aware, we finished all of the door frames over the weekend.  We had the hinges for the doors delivered a few days ago and we are still in the process of cutting and welding the doors.  I think overall, we are on a good track to finish in time though.  Now that we have some of our wood we can start breaking out in teams and creating a good work flow.  These will be built extremely soon, but until then we will just keep cutting!

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