Or is that backwards…. prepare for the worst, hope for the best? At any rate, we are preparing to have a very productive couple of days this weekend. Due to technical difficulties with the bandsaw, we now have a new-to-us bandsaw to help us finish cutting the steel for the trusses. We will finish cutting and welding the trusses, prep all of the steel for painting, and continue to plane and join our wood for the doors. By the beginning of next week, we will be ready to prime and paint all of the steel and assemble the doors.

We often do not put a large enough emphasis on what we are learning, on a broader level. Tasks are sometimes tedious, and it can be upsetting when tools don’t work, or materials are delayed. With a new perspective, I believe that we can all confidently list the lessons learned in the process. Besides the common, “I learned how to weld” or “I know the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw” the process of design and construction is something much more insightful. Connecting the dots between hand, pencil, computer, and back to hand, is one of the many incentives in learning by doing.


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