While Dave is away, the mice will play.

The old adage, “While the cat is away, the mice will play” is pretty appropriate for these last few days.  You see, Dave was out of town.  And with Dave out of town, that means no work for us!  Absolutely nothing to do.  We just start to sort of mill about in circles without any guidance.

Just joking!  While Dave was indeed gone this weekend, it really didn’t mean much to us.  It was still business as usual.  And business this weekend was booming.  Let me run down a few of the things that we were working on for you dear readers.  Everything…we worked on everything.  All steel has been cut, all doors are welded, have holes punched, cleaned and ready for painting.  Truss steel has been cut and is in the process of being welded.  While we have two completely assembled, the rest should wrap up in short order.  And that’s just in the steel department. Wood was a completely different ball game.

Punching holes in door steel. 

Pretty much every machine in the shop was in full use this weekend.  With an assembly line like set up, we had all the boards cut, milled, ripped, cut to final length, and pre-drilled for attachment to the doors.

I would like to offer a special shout out to Cole for supplying a loaner bandsaw when ours began to function in a less than ideal way.  Thanks for that!  Pretty sure if you hadn’t saved the day we really would have been milling around like lost goats in a hailstorm without the ability to cut the rest of the metal.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the pace is far from slacking off.  And it will continue after the break as well.  Each step brings the project closer to the final install on site and I can’t wait to see these in their final home.  They look great, and I know the final assembly will be phenomenal.  Well, that’s it or now.  Thanks for stopping by and checking in.  We will continue keeping you updated as we move forward.

Laying doors and truss out.

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