Structural Strikes Again…

Well it happened...structure.  Never fun when the nuts and bolts of a thing start getting in the way of each other, but that's what we had happen here.  First, let's back up.  This week has been going very well.  Our crew has been trucking along on mock-ups, CDs, and material research.  Unfortunately, things can't go [...]

Devil is in the Details

Now, I know you may be getting tired of this word, but you're going to keep hearing it a bit more.  Details.  And there's a reason for that.  It is all about details right now.  As the previous posts have illustrated, we are rapidly moving into construction documents and will be starting the build before [...]

A Change of Scenery

Who says a change of scenery is a bad thing?  Nobody, nobody says that, at least not in this studio!  Usually, it is considered a good thing, and I think that is true for our current situation as well.  This week has certainly seen a large alteration to our surroundings. We are waiting out Florence [...]

Potatoes Taste Like Pancakes

  Ladies and Gentleman, here we are! Our first review.  Today we will be sitting down with our clients and team members to discuss the research that the students have done so far.  While we have not yet moved into conceptual design, today's discussion will be vital to understanding the interests of our client and [...]