Potatoes Taste Like Pancakes



Ladies and Gentleman, here we are! Our first review.  Today we will be sitting down with our clients and team members to discuss the research that the students have done so far.  While we have not yet moved into conceptual design, today’s discussion will be vital to understanding the interests of our client and will inform how we proceed from this point.


We have a bevy of exciting topics to discuss with in today’s presentation:

  • History of John’s Island
  • Site Climate
  • Agrarian Precedent Studies
  • Farm Commerce and Sweetgrass Basket Stand Precedents
  • Materials and Construction Case Studies
  • Phasing Diagrams
  • Programming Potential

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Cameron, what in the world does your first client presentation have to do with potatoes, pancakes, and their gastronomic qualities?”  Well, the answer is fairly simple.  This presentation is all about establishing our client’s aesthetic potatoes from the pancakes.  What makes them excited, what do their reactions favor and what can we learn from them about how to advance the project in the next stages of conceptualization?

Is this your aesthetic potato?  https://www.area-arch.itenmarie-short-house

Everybody reacts differently to their environment, it is human nature to generate and develop your own independent reactions to a setting.  This is why client and community involvement is so important to our industry.   One person’s bland and starchy may be another person’s pillowy and sweet.  One of our roles as designers is to help lead our client on a culinary exploration that exhibits their tastes and preferences for us to use in future designs.  We must glean from today’s presentation the reactions of our clients.  What do they find agreeable, to what design elements are they inclined, what features do they find bland or sweet?  As the project continues to develop, our goal is to create for them the best golden brown pancake, topped with a drizzle of maple syrup and fresh cut strawberries.

How’s that for a pancake?  Might taste like a potato to somebody else.  https://www.archdaily.com260366kirchplatz-office-residence-oppenheim-architecture-design


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