Setting our sites

Kiawah Island – Farmstead & Market Site

Research week is moving fast and going well in Studio V. I find that, as a class, we are increasingly interested in the human scale and touch. This may seem obvious and many may think scale comes naturally in the design process, but it is something that designers always strive for; how people interact with architecture. The human scale may be one of the more challenging aspects of architecture. Whether this means the size of a building or the handle someone uses to open a window, there are a lot of factors that must be considered in the design.

The research review is approaching, and I am eager to see which ideas our clients and colleagues gravitate towards. Convertibility of the farm stands will add a physical touch to each action: moving the stand to a location, opening shutters, displaying produce on shelves. Equally important are the materials. They offer exploration of all five senses. Imagine listening to the creak of the wood as a door opens, the smell of local flowers sitting in the shade, the grip of a metal handle, or feeling the sun warm your face through a canvas roof.

Kiawah Island – Farmstead & Market Site

A portion of our research has been focused on these characteristics, as well as the site at Kiawah River and the local culture. There are many possibilities when it comes to the location and the program of the stands. This will be a focus in the immediate future and more specifics will come when individual schemes are developed. These schemes will be influenced by the precedents researched. You can find information about a notable precedent here. It is important to note that there are quite a few ways to approach the structure and construction methods of the stands.

Check back soon to find out how the research review goes!

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