Devil is in the Details

IMG_5333Now, I know you may be getting tired of this word, but you’re going to keep hearing it a bit more.  Details.  And there’s a reason for that.  It is all about details right now.  As the previous posts have illustrated, we are rapidly moving into construction documents and will be starting the build before we know it.  In order to get to that point though, there are a ton of details packed into this small structure that need to be figured out.  And not only do we need to find the solution, but we need to find the best solution.

On Friday we spent an insane 3 hours just drawing out different lock details for how to close these structures up at night.  Every time we would have somebody draw out a detail on the board or trace, two people were standing by to poke holes in it and it was on to the next equally clever, but not quite perfect solution.  Finally, it seems we have landed on the most appropriate option, but all of those hours spent as a group for one simple lock detail?!?  It seems wild when you think about it.


Anyway, this coming week is going to be full of excitement.  Of course we will continue teasing out the details, but that can’t be all we do.  Here is a quick list of some things to expect from us over the next couple of days:

  1. We have a welding workshop scheduled for Monday to get us all up to speed on the equipment and techniques we will need to fabricate the door frames and trusses.
  2. Foundations are here and can now be used for full scale mock-ups
  3. Did I forget to say we will be moving into full scale mock-ups?  Because we are…
  4. Finalizing materials and solidifying material prices and construction cost.
  5. Compiling all those pesky details to produce construction set

That’s a lot of excitement.  I know you are looking forward to hearing the progress, and hopefully we will have some great process photos that aren’t just all of our crazy pencil scribbles for details.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those scribbles, they are the most important part of the project, but it will definitely be great to start seeing some mock-ups and the real world scale of this project.  Well, that’s about all the time we have for today.  Thanks for sticking around!




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