The details are not the details

“The details are not the details, they make the design.”

                                      – Charles Eames

Sketching with John

As we continue to develop our project based on the feedback we received from John, the structural engineer, we are each taking the time to charette details on the more complicated joints of the project. These include: the roof sitting on the structure, the doors hinging on the posts, and the shelves hooking on the doors.

This detailing work also brings us back to material choices and budget. Our budget is looking pretty good for completion of two farm stands. Of course, this depends on our choice of materials. Steel may be an easy choice for some of the truss and door framework. But steel is also heavy, and this affects the placement of the door hinges and user experience.

When we have built the farm stands we want them to look nice. However, it all comes down to user ability and experience. The tenants have to be able to use the space to sell their produce and goods and they have to feel safe doing so. The same goes for the visitors; the farm stand may not completely protect you from the rain, but the doors shouldn’t be so heavy as to injure someone in a wind gust.

At this point in the project, it is a balancing act. It will come together quickly though, and until then, we continue to detail.

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