Making a list and checking it twi… many times

Here in Studio V, things are moving along but we are working hard to pick up the pace of the build. This past weekend, many hours were spent in the shop: welding, grinding, sawing, drilling etc… We accomplished many things, but the madness has only just begun.


Are these doors not lovely? Yes, but they are not yet complete.


All of these panels have to be sized and holes pre-drilled (there are many)


The trusses are quite heavy, these are two of the eight we need

Although we have many things to accomplish, we are all excited about the progress we’ve made so far in the build. We now know what more we have to finish (we’ve got a list and everything) and will continue to work hard throughout the last few weeks in the semester and we’ll see how it goes.

That being said, tomorrow is our first day of Thanksgiving break so stay tuned for updates on the project when we return on 26th!

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