We’re back!

Its been rather quite on the Studio V blog post for the past few days. No,we didn't give up on the project and decide to go home (although some people did go home) but what actually happened was Fall Break! We had a lovely few days off from school so some people traveled, others went [...]

That is so metal!

As stated in previous posts, we will be working on the construction documents for the Slat Shack. Many details will be hammered out, refined, and built in full scale mock-ups throughout the duration of the week. However, before we start any mock-ups, we have some things to learn about! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we [...]

The Finer things

Taking different approaches to the design, the teams have been working hard to develop there ideas for Monday. Something our team has been working on is the finer details of the design and how everything comes together. These are the individual designs from members of our group that were presented last Wednesday. Each of our [...]

The Unexpected Storm

As readers may know, the hurricane has caused us to adjust our schedule by just a bit. Florence as been annoyingly unpredictable which made deciding where to relocate a confusing ordeal; however, no matter where we go, the storm is still considered to be dangerous and most of the Carolinas are going to get hit. [...]

A Juicy Friday Review

Friday was our first "review" of the semester for studio v. When I say "review," forget about your previous experiences with architecture reviews in academia. The type of review where you're on constant defense mode as various critics move in for the attack. You're afraid it may turn into a Comedy Central roast session, excluding [...]