We’re back!

Its been rather quite on the Studio V blog post for the past few days. No,we didn’t give up on the project and decide to go home (although some people did go home) but what actually happened was Fall Break! We had a lovely few days off from school so some people traveled, others went to visit family and friends or had family and friends visit; hopefully everyone enjoyed this little get away time.

You may be thinking, “isn’t it a little late in the semester to be having Fall Break?” Well, yes. Thanksgiving break is a few weeks away and the end of the semester is right behind that. However, during election time, Clemson loves to do this funny little thing were they time Fall Break during election day. It sounds a little unnecessary sense one could take the time to fill out an absentee ballot, but its nice to see Clemson make the effort to give the allotted time for students to vote; that being said, the 2018 midterm election is said to have the highest voter turnout for a non presidential election in decades.

Any way, now that we are back, you can expect your usual daily updates on our efforts for the farmstead project. Stay tuned!

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