Getting Back TO IT

Fall Break was great, we all got to spend some down time after a busy semester, and just have a breather and hang out. See family and be non-architecture students. However Wednesday the 7th was nothing like fall break. We got right back into it. We first sat down and had a discussion regarding the final truss design that is confirmed as of right now. Then we split up in groups and a few of us worked on the truss and construction documents for it and the rest of the structure. The other half of us went down to the shop and continued working on the door frames. Of the group that went to the shop a few of us cut metal into appropriate sizes and a few of us spent some time welding the actual frame. We originally were measuring each individual piece for the frame, and then cutting it, however yesterday we made a jig to make consistent cuts that streamlined the process of cutting pieces so it would save us a lot of time measuring and worrying if we are right or wrong.




After class we were able to go to a lecture by Maya Lin. An amazing human being. She spoke about her relationship with the environment, and the work she’s done to get her where she has come. I really enjoyed how she made it very easy to understand exactly what was going on with the planet and where we would end up if we do not do anything. If I were to use one word for her it would be, Hope.

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