Talk about being Stuffed

After putting long hours in over the was nice to have a break, spend sometime with family and eat some yummy food. Well all that is over and its time to burn those holiday calories away. We have much more to do... We need to finish cutting steel for the trusses, edge trim the [...]

Getting Back TO IT

Fall Break was great, we all got to spend some down time after a busy semester, and just have a breather and hang out. See family and be non-architecture students. However Wednesday the 7th was nothing like fall break. We got right back into it. We first sat down and had a discussion regarding the [...]

No Pain, No Gain!

Today's a pretty cool day, Professor Pastre's friend, Cole,  is coming to teach us more about metal working and welding. Professor Pastre did a general walkthrough of the metal shop Monday where he explained and demostrated the different tools we have available in our shop. We also received the opportunity to practice welding, which was [...]

Stormy Waters Ahead

Everything was going great, we where huddled up for the review on Friday. We decided on the scale of the model, worked through joint details, Professor Pastre was helping Ed understand how a door works and all of a sudden we get the unfortunate news that class will be cancelled today, due to the hurricane. [...]

Now or Never

Today is our last studio class before our second review with the client and architect. I believe it is more crucial then our first meeting because it will decide the final direction of the studio as a whole. Having worked out a majority of the details for our project we will be preparing for this [...]

Peace at Last

BLUE SKIES!!!! Finally the storm has passed. It's Monday Sept. 17, just days after one of the worst storms in decades to reach the Carolina Coast. My family and I never left Charleston, after realizing we were not going to feel the full effects of Hurrincane Florence but my prayers go out to those that [...]

The Start of Something Small

Over the weekend we were all given sometime to start brainstorming some ideas for the stalls individually and the market place as a whole. We were encouraged to visit similar places in Charleston like the Farmers Market in Marion Square, the market in West Ashley, the local markets in Johns Island, like RoseBank Farms, and [...]