Now or Never

Today is our last studio class before our second review with the client and architect. I believe it is more crucial then our first meeting because it will decide the final direction of the studio as a whole. Having worked out a majority of the details for our project we will be preparing for this most crucial pin up. We are expected to have 3 large (48×36) boards and a physical model for the presentation. I am very excited to see what the other groups have designed for this pin up, being so caught up in my own design I haven’t been able to really see what is going on around me. A few words on our design, it is a flexible module, who’s core structure is permanent but the walls and roof are made of panels which can be adjusted and re-organized for the different vendors. I am really excited for our design because I believe it will give the farmers an opportunity to be creative and thus give them a sense of individuality that they would normally not have at a farmer’s market. This individuality enriches the Farmstead Market by giving the site subtle variances and unique character that can only be achieved by individual human design. By giving the merchants a framework to work in we help them by giving them a starting point but allow them to distinguish themselves. This also allows for a variety of merchants and opportunities for the stalls themselves to be flexible in the future to serve  multiple uses, such as trail heads and storage. This was what our design looked like earlier this week but after putting it through it’s trials it has evolved to a more sound structure, with PVC screens, Colored panels, Shelves, Vents for airflow, a canvas extension and much more. Stay tuned for all of the exciting action happening here at STUDIO V !! 28

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