No Pain, No Gain!

Today’s a pretty cool day, Professor Pastre’s friend, Cole,  is coming to teach us more about metal working and welding. Professor Pastre did a general walkthrough of the metal shop Monday where he explained and demostrated the different tools we have available in our shop. We also received the opportunity to practice welding, which was pretty epic. I have welded before and it can be exciting, but like all things that are exciting it can be dangerous. We were told to always wear a multitude of gear to stay safe. Unlike wood working, there are a lot of things that can happen. But hey, no pain no gain!

Up until now we have been focusing on details, working out different possibilities for these details. We have prepared a variety of options of metal details to show Cole and are hoping he can help us work through them.  After meeting with Cole we are planning on starting Mock ups of our structure, and a final CD set.





P.S. We are celebrating a Birthday as well for our very own Cameron McRae! Happy Birthday Cameron!!

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