Stormy Waters Ahead

Everything was going great, we where huddled up for the review on Friday. We decided on the scale of the model, worked through joint details, Professor Pastre was helping Ed understand how a door works and all of a sudden we get the unfortunate news that class will be cancelled today, due to the hurricane. The Day before the review, that means no woodshop, no opportunity to collaborate, we are advised not even to leave our houses tomorrow. It’s horrible. Nonetheless we are determined. We have divided up the work and are preparing to have this finished as soon as possible. Hurricane Micheal is really messing up schedules. Unfortunately due to Hurricane Florence we were already put behind schedule, and again we are pushed even further behind. The only upside to this is we have a little more time to perfect the little things, and make sure the presentation boards are clear and concise. Excited for Monday!! IMG_1365.jpg



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