Peace at Last

BLUE SKIES!!!! Finally the storm has passed. It’s Monday Sept. 17, just days after one of the worst storms in decades to reach the Carolina Coast. My family and I never left Charleston, after realizing we were not going to feel the full effects of Hurrincane Florence but my prayers go out to those that did. Seeing photos and video’s on the destruction and aftermath it is humbling. We are very fortunate to veered course north. Today is also my first day back in studio since last monday when evacuations were announced for the coastal citites of SC, and I am very glad to be back working on my model for the project. Apart from some time sketching and working on details of the project it was quite a boring experience. Due to the evacuation the whole city was shut down, most businesses were closed, and there was not anything going on. Also as a personal statement waking up to cloudy/gloomy weather everyday was depressing. I am very excited to see blue skies, and the sun today. I am satisfied with my work for the project, but it is unfortunate our schedule was thrown off, I know it is going to affect us on the back end of the project and Professor Pastre is not going to be happy about that. I would show you a picture of my initial design, but I’m sure review is just around the corner this week so I am not going to spoil it for you. Tomorrow is our first official day back so lets see what the project schedule is like now!

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