The Unexpected Storm

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As readers may know, the hurricane has caused us to adjust our schedule by just a bit. Florence as been annoyingly unpredictable which made deciding where to relocate a confusing ordeal; however, no matter where we go, the storm is still considered to be dangerous and most of the Carolinas are going to get hit. Yet, hurricane Florence is nothing compared to the danger I faced while staying in sunny Clemson, SC.

Earlier this week…

Monday we show up to studio to work on our individual designs for the Farmstead site. My designs are inspired by these cabinet-like merchandise stalls, and I’m making adjustments to better suit the needs of the Farmstead site.

TRH-Market-Stalls-Edit-Architecture-2  TRH-Market-Stalls-Edit-Architecture-3


We then get the news that Tuesday at noon we will have a mandatory evacuation and Interstate 26 will be reversed to help traffic. Me being paranoid, I decide to leave that Monday night to avoid traffic all together. Unfortunately, I still manage to hit bad weather in Columbia; the rain was immense, and the lightening so frequent that even my color-blind self could see the green on the trees at 11pm.

Tuesday morning I show up to Clemson, and my friend Doug offered to let me stay at his place for the week until the storm blew over. It was nice to see friends from studio and work again after having been away for several months now. But I had some work that I had to get done.

The rest of the day was spent finishing drawings for our Introduction to Craft course. The drawing was of a coffee table built by John Jeffers


Wednesday evening, I arrived back at Doug’s apartment; after having dinner with a former co-worker, I was hoping to progress on studio work. However, Doug and his roommate Adam really wanted me to try the soup that they had created while I was gone. I wasn’t actually hungry but they seemed excited for it, which should have told me that it had some weird ingredients. It was at this point when mistakes were about to be made…

Nervously approaching the slow cooker filled with the mystery stew/soup/chowder looking thing, I noticed the wide variety of scents. I took a small spoon full of the soup and to my surprise, it was actually quite nice. Naturally, I had to ask what was in it.

Order of ingredients they listed:

  • Water (the only normal thing about to be listed)
  • Publix rotisserie chicken from the night before (bones and everything…)
  • some spices that “weren’t labeled”
  • Taco Bell Fire Sauce
  • Root beer
  • Actual beer
  • Onions “probably”

All of this was then followed by the final ingredient: a dollop of… peanut butter.

At first I thought they were joking, until I saw the look of genuine fear on Doug’s face when he remembered that I was allergic to peanut butter. I was about to have a long night ahead of me.

I managed to pull through and I spent Thursday doing absolutely nothing due to being exhausted from the soup incident. Today however, I will be returning to work on my designs for the Market Stalls. Hopefully we’ll be back in Charleston soon!

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