“Well it’s set way back in the middle of a field, Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back… Slat Shack, Baby Slat Shack”


The focus of studio yesterday (Wednesday), was to reflect on comments and decisions made during the review, and discuss plans for how we move forward. The Slat Shack has been chosen as the focus for design, but there still a lot of areas that need to be researched and detailed. In order to work most efficiently as a team of nine, we split up into smaller groups with distinct focus topics:

  • Studies of overall size (specifically focused on the use of the space)
  • Construction Methods (structural framing, footings, hinges, etc.)
  • Material options and cost analysis

Another important step is for everyone to better understand the scale of our project. We will start building full size mock-ups using cardboard and tape out sizes on the floor, which will allow all students to get a feel for the amount of space that will be inside of our design when the doors are closed. We will also mock-up individual parts of the design, such as doors, to determine the proper height (and weight) if we want to be able to easily open and close them, and hold them up by small hinges.


These are not the only topics to be resolved, but will give us a good start. Once we finalize certain decisions, they will help inform future design choices. Stay tuned to see where our research takes us!

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