We Whistle While we Work

Yesterday, more progress was made in addition to our busy weekend. With some of the more tedious tasks out of the way, work also seems to be moving faster. Just about all of the doors have been painted and most of the trusses have a layer of primer on them. The last of the rafters will be milled and then it will be time to assemble the roofs. Soon enough we will be adding the cedar shakes to the roof panels.


As with everything this semester, we are learning new techniques to improve our knowledge and efficiency. Milling wood went quickly when four people were joining the lumber. Painting was hurried when the trusses were painted standing up, not laying on their sides. The shop also got a quick cleaning which gave us more space to work and begin assembling the roofs.


The semester is quickly coming to a close! The farm stands will be installed before we know it.

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