As the Semester Begins to Wind Down, We are Working Harder Than Ever


This weekend was EXTREMELY busy!  But as a result we made a ton of progress.  We finished up all of the welding work finally, assembled all of the slats for the doors, milled all of the columns, hip beams, and purlins, started priming and painting all of the steel, and started milling the rafters and top plates. For the first time, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible, but is still really far away.

Starting today, we are going to finish milling all of the rafters and top plates, and then its time to begin constructing the roof panels.  Also, as painting comes to a close, we will be able to bolt the doors together and call that portion of the project complete.  Hopefully we are able to get ourselves to a point where we can start on site construction early next week!  See below for some images of our amazing process this weekend.


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