Pour Galore

On Wednesday, our second round of concrete pours was completed. We reached site at around 9:00 AM and made one last walk-around of our form work and rebar in preparation for a 10:30 pour. This included tightening the bolts at the pencil rods of our trellis formwork and oiling the formwork at the large slab so it will be easier to detach from the concrete once cured. Its like the construction version of Pam spray!

Students experiencing the small slab from our first pour last week

We were also visited by a group of curious third graders wondering what was happening beyond the orange fence of their sacred recess lawn. We showed the students the formwork and rebar and explained what was about to happen.

The concrete truck pouring the concrete into our large slab

The first concrete truck finally arrived after some renavigation and set up its position by our large slab. The first placement by the truck was very dry so we had to screed the mix quickly. The screed helps flatten the mix at the correct level. By the time we reached the end of the slab, the mix was a better consistency, making it easier to manipulate and screed. David then used his bull float to press down the aggregate and smooth out the surface.

The second concrete truck was mostly used for our second trellis slab, which had a much more complex formwork in order to keep the concrete in its stable position. The mix was better to manipulate than the first truck and went off without a hitch in my personal opinion. We then used a straight edge to smooth and level out the trellis pour.

With the digging and concrete pours coming to an end, our next steps in the construction process will be determining the center of columns and stringing their locations, cutting wood for the structure, and finalizing storage shop drawing edits.

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