Things are Heating Up

Yesterday was a very productive day on site considering the weather conditions. Alex, Johnny, Jerome, and I got to site by 7 AM and began fixing the purlin locations on the big slab roof. A couple hours in, it began to rain so after some waiting, we decided to grill out our hot dog lunch [...]

Stable Gables

This week is a big week for our crew as we've been split in two since this past weekend. One crew has been on site assembling the diagonal steel membranes on the trellis and beginning to raise the gable pieces of the large slab structure, while another crew has been in the shop meticulously assembling [...]

Pour Galore

On Wednesday, our second round of concrete pours was completed. We reached site at around 9:00 AM and made one last walk-around of our form work and rebar in preparation for a 10:30 pour. This included tightening the bolts at the pencil rods of our trellis formwork and oiling the formwork at the large slab [...]

Checking my Work

This week has been somewhat slow in that we are still waiting for our site conditions to dry from Hurricane Ian and our metal work has completed. We are trying to finish and perfect our shop drawings for the wood components so we can get an accurate count for the order and budget. I won't [...]


This past week was full of introductions and picking up where the previous semester left off. We first reviewed details about our client, THE site, and the programming of our structure. Dave told us newbies the importance of the OSF (Office of School Facilities) and its long inspection process of the architectural drawing set. Since [...]