“I’m More Construction Savvy than All of You”

This week is a big week! Our “new students” group is on the way to finalizing the design of the storage components of the pavilion. This weekend, Kyle and Lily worked on roof detailing, Hannah and Cory worked on storage components, and I started working on the framing plan for the walls. The framing for the storage is based on modular wooden panels for ease of construction and economy. We are also looking into a polycarbonate for our siding material, giving a greenhouse feel to the storage components as well as access to natural light in the outdoor education “snug”.

Architects usually don’t design the framing of buildings or other built projects, but this is a great lesson is building construction and detailing. The more you know about how something is built, the easier it is to understand how to draw your details.

Once framing and storage plans and elevations are finished, we’ll move on to shop drawings to hopefully be completed some time this weekend, ideally Friday. Shop drawings will include material count, cuts, and type, fully distinguishing how the storage will come together.

David reminded us today that he’s more construction savvy than all of us. While this is pretty obvious, its a good reminder that while we might not fully know how a pavilion is built, we can use our initiative and creativity combined with David’s expertise to learn a few new things and create a beautiful project at the end of the semester.

David being construction savvy reviewing Kyle and Lily’s ideas for roof detailing.

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