Trick or Transit

On Monday there was a huddle to see where we are at from the weekend and formed a plan for the week ahead. It is time to order our next set of materials including the polycarbonate and wood for the storage units as well as the rest of the large(r) dimensional lumber. The large pieces of wood we ordered should be ready for pickup this week so we can begin to plan and setup the shop to cut.

Additionally, a crew (the Super Mario Bros) went out to continue to prep the site and move the project forward.

The primary goal for the day was to use the auger to drill out the flagpole holes for single standalone column footings. We were able to dig out all 8 and filled gravel into half of them. Simultaneously, we marked out and laid out the trellis’ main column structure (steel). We are ready to have the concrete predrilled and then the steel can be stood up and screwed in, then tied with the long pieces of lumber.

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