Storage Wars

Polycarbonate has arrived and is being slapped (gently and precisely) onto our door panel frames. The material is a lightweight, durable plastic that is easy to work with and, best of all, has surface properties similar to a whiteboard. This means the material is perfect for these outdoor learning environments because, with the right markers, [...]

Steady Rolling

Both crews (the one on site and the one in shop) have had productive work days. On site - We have most the gables standing (woohoo) and have begun hanging the belt lines that tie the gables together, laterally. We are officially beyond the threshold of hardest parts of the build portion. The structure stands [...]

Trick or Transit

On Monday there was a huddle to see where we are at from the weekend and formed a plan for the week ahead. It is time to order our next set of materials including the polycarbonate and wood for the storage units as well as the rest of the large(r) dimensional lumber. The large pieces [...]

Job ain’t finished

What a weekend for the crew. Friday/Saturday we went out to shape up the small slab and then moved to put in the formwork for the pour later this week. We had all parts moving from me on the tamper, to the keeper of the transit measuring the heights, Jerome swinging the sledge, our dirt [...]

Riders of the Storm

As Hurricane Ian approaches we had to get things ready so our hard work wasn't ruined! The worry is that our earthwork that was dug out will get messed up so wed have to re-level things and fill back anything that collapses. I am hoping that the stakes and fence line do not get uplifted [...]

Getting the ball rolling

We are gearing up to start some field work. The crew have been working hard to get the drawings to the point where we can begin some work this weekend. Alex has finished the shop drawings for the steel in the build, so we can begin chopping, grinding and welding the parts and plates we [...]

Site Visit Day

Today is the new group's first visit to the site and first time meeting the staff. We have been preparing plenty of material to get the best faculty and student feedback to finish the design. I, personally, am very excited to see what the student engagement is like, especially with the idea of preserving their [...]