Getting the ball rolling

We are gearing up to start some field work. The crew have been working hard to get the drawings to the point where we can begin some work this weekend. Alex has finished the shop drawings for the steel in the build, so we can begin chopping, grinding and welding the parts and plates we need to update. Jerome has also put together the updated layout and site drawings, so a group can get out to the site and start marking up the ground. This will only be with stringline and spray paint, so no kiddos get hurt on a stake (we don’t need to take over their kickball field yet).

Lilly and myself have both been tasked with figuring out the water shed above the classroom space. After about a week and a half of drawing the same detail over and over, we have finally figured it out. We are planning on using polycarbonate, ‘thin wall’ for a soffit that turns down and continues as a drop ceiling covering for the ‘snug’.

Ideally, the materials will work in a beautiful contrast with one another and let the materials physical appearance drive the overall look.

Next step is to confirm all our material counts so we can start getting things ordered.

Things are moving and they are going in the right direction!

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