Steady Rolling

Both crews (the one on site and the one in shop) have had productive work days.

On site – We have most the gables standing (woohoo) and have begun hanging the belt lines that tie the gables together, laterally. We are officially beyond the threshold of hardest parts of the build portion. The structure stands a lot taller at its peak than I originally imagined, but the system looks good and solid. Slight hiccups with moving some holes and redrilling to get the bolts and plates to line up better seemed to be the only discrepancy between the shop to site work flow/assembly.

In the shop – We are putting together the last sets of Gables and will pivot the work space to transition from cutting and punching the large wood members to cutting and assembling the storage panels. These require a lot of mental gymnastics. Due to the parallelogram shape, some of the verticals members require a bevel in a particular direction (some in both directions). This process, once going, will be a lot faster than the pervious job, but like everything else, we need to approach it steadily and mindfully.

If all goes well, we will have plenty of panels here to apply to polycarbonate right onto the panel as its being unloaded from the delivery truck.

Onward and upward (literally)!

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