Up They Go!

This weekend was a very productive weekend for the team. As mentioned before we have been split into separate teams, the site team and the shop team. This weekend the site team focused on putting up the remaining gables and installing part of the beltline. Saturday, we finished assembling the gables and then putting them up on both slabs! We then started setting up the beltline plates so that we could begin installing the beltline once we got the wood. The shop team spent Saturday getting ready to assemble the storage panels. Professor Pastre dropped off lots of wood and the team started cutting.

Sunday the site team finished setting the belt line plates and putting up some wood. We also installed the trellis members within the large and small pavilions. The shop crew began fabricating the storage panels.

We hope to continue our productivity today, Monday, in hopes of getting everyone on site to start installing the purlins on top of the gables.





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