Job ain’t finished

What a weekend for the crew.

Friday/Saturday we went out to shape up the small slab and then moved to put in the formwork for the pour later this week. We had all parts moving from me on the tamper, to the keeper of the transit measuring the heights, Jerome swinging the sledge, our dirt runners wheeling the wheelbarrows, and everyone in-between shoveling and shaving dirt.

(We put up a backstop to infill the slab so we can pitch concrete at 45 degrees)

Sunday our fearless leader, David, came out to help us fix the formwork to get things to be to the right height so when we pour we get a nice even surface to build off of. The trellis trench was still too wet on the small side to finish leveling with the tamper, so focuses was on stringing up the other slab to begin reshaping it, as well as setting up the trellis thickness to prep that trench for formwork to be put in.  After we got the plastic fixed and staked in place, the rebar was sat on chairs and tied together. It was a pain to get the formwork level to where we needed, but everything is lined up and we are hitting our measurements/angles.

End of the weekend: slab 1 is ready for some concrete!

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