Riders of the Storm

As Hurricane Ian approaches we had to get things ready so our hard work wasn’t ruined! The worry is that our earthwork that was dug out will get messed up so wed have to re-level things and fill back anything that collapses. I am hoping that the stakes and fence line do not get uplifted from the winds and become projectiles. 

We hope that this storm doesn’t set us back too far, but even if the site is still too wet for us to go out and work, there are plenty of jobs to be done in the cigar factory. In the shop, there is plenty of steel that needs to get cut, grinded, welded, punched, cleaned, prepped, and then painted. On the computer, we still need to nail down the budget and see how far our unforeseen expenses set us back. Shop drawings are being finished up for the storage room, but there are still plenty that need to be added to the shop set: lumber cut drawings, door/panel assembly drawings, polycarbonate cut drawings, snug interior assembly, counter/shelf assemblies, bench assembly, and the reveal details. All this needs to be finalized, so we can order the lumber and get the fastener counts ordered as well.

A point that should be brought up is that the crew needs to make sure, especially now, that we are using our time effectively and efficiently. We have seen a laxed approach to work the past couple weeks due to a lot of waiting around on other information and other people. There is plenty of work to do and being present (on site or in studio) needs to be coupled with hard work. Our mindset needs to turn into a ‘grind-set’ and kick things into another gear!

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