Storage Wars

Polycarbonate has arrived and is being slapped (gently and precisely) onto our door panel frames. The material is a lightweight, durable plastic that is easy to work with and, best of all, has surface properties similar to a whiteboard. This means the material is perfect for these outdoor learning environments because, with the right markers, they will be able to use them as writing surfaces to further help educate the children.

In total, there are 20 panels that make up our storage assembly. The last bay on each pavilion will hold these storage systems. The Education side will be slightly larger due to us adding a secondary water shed roof system and a reading nook. The garden wash side will have its respective nook area turn into the counterspace for an outdoor sink and prep area.

Assembly of the panels require a vapor barrier to be taped along the top and bottom and then an edge banding of plastic clips picture frame the polycarbonate piece. The whole assembly is them predrilled and screwed together with washers. To cut the plastic banding on the miter saw, Alex came up with a sleeve that would hold the plastic tight and make it able to be cut cleanly without popping.

The final product is going to look very nice with the rest of the build. The translucent effect will allow for shadows and silhouettes to be casted through the plastic, but the frost prevents you from directly seeing through it. With natural light that changed with the position of the sun, you will have a unique surface detail of the frame the entire year and throughout each day.

(bonus image of myself demonstrating the shadow play of the full assembly)

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