Volunteer Day

Our diligent volunteers!

So yesterday was a day when some very great helpers came willing paint pots and storage. Unfortunately we got rained out and the storage was too wet to paint and we were unable to spray many pots since the fumes would've been too intense inside the warehouse. But the rain did help us wash the [...]

Let’s Store Stuff

So we have begun construction, but we are still working out the details on one of the more complicated parts of the wall: the Storage. There is a total of 8 "lockers," each with varying sizes to accomodate varying sizes of gardening tools: shovels, buckets, wheelbarrows, gardenhose, etc. It has been a time consuming processs [...]

A Quick Synopsis

The following slide show consists of a site plan, wall plan,  wall elevation and perspective of our Vertical Vegetable Wall located in the Elliotborough Community Garden. The garden is located right off of Crosstown giving it  and our future vegetable wall a great deal of exposure to the public. The Elliotborough garden consists an amphitheatre, a playground, and vegetable [...]

Back to work

  Well Spring Break is officially over and its back back back to work. So far, work has consisted of working on the mockup and calculating the structural weight of our vertical garden wall. The mockup is coming along with part of the cable system now in place and the walkway starting to come together. [...]

Tweaking the design

 This week has been a series of ups and downs. We had an academic review on Monday that provided some really great input and will really end up helping our overall design. But afterwards, I think we all felt a little beat. But today, at our meeting with members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy as [...]

Just Some Research

So we have really buckled down to make our design a reality! I have been tasked with looking at the rainwater harvesting feature of our vertical garden. With this task comes a lot of research! I have looked at all kinds of websites about rainbarrels and cisterns and downspouts...the only thing missing is some really [...]

The End of the Beginning

  So we have finally finished our vegetable/fruit project and I now understand the significance of the project. We are using our fruit diagrams and architectural ideas to influence our vertical garden design. We learned from our reading of Greg Lynn that it doesn't matter the origin of our design. Diagrams are meant to be experimental and productive [...]

Finding a site…

Today in studio, we began by sitting in on each other's vegetable/fruit critique. The process was very helpful and informative to see and learn what everyone else is working on. Then we went over the analysis of 5 possible options for the site of the vertical garden we will be designing. These places include Elliotborough [...]