The End of the Beginning


So we have finally finished our vegetable/fruit project and I now understand the significance of the project. We are using our fruit diagrams and architectural ideas to influence our vertical garden design. We learned from our reading

Our colorful fruit and vegetable projects! It was very interesting to see so many different ways at looking at a fruit or vegetable. Some projects looked at their fruit/vegetable in a way I never would have thought.
of Greg Lynn that it doesn’t matter the origin of our design. Diagrams are meant to be experimental and productive and progressively elaborate as one continues to develop their diagrams. And so we are going to take the abstract beginnings of the fruit and vegetable we studied and gradually introduce architectural elements to the process and eventually come up with a vertical garden. Interesting right?
 And so on another note, this weekend I’ve started looking for some more examples of edible vertical gardens besides the ones we looked at in our precedent studies in class. I came across a project called Eathouse that I thought was very interesting. The project is only meant to last for a summer but the materials are reusable and can be taken down and reassembled in different locations.
EATHOUSE consists of a modular system of plain plastic crates, in combination with a scaffold structure. These crates are used in the agricultural industry to harvest, transport and exhibit fruit and vegetables in combination with a scaffold system.

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