There and Back Again: An Elliotborough Tale

A day that started out warm and sunny quickly turned windy and cold.  This did not deter us!

Our group took two vehicles from studio (Sallie’s Prius and my ManVan) and we both converged on the glorious site of Elliotborough!

Sallie, Adrian, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jason walk towards the park.

We arrived shortly after the start of studio to meet with Claire Xidis, garden manager of Elliotborough, who has been working to improve the garden since the beginning.

We had worked hard for the past few days investigating the various aspects of program, sun shading, and circulation throught the site.

We were eager to get a firsthand tour of the site with some information from a local.

Claire Arrives


Claire told us about the various types of gardeners that utilize the space.

Three main groups utilize the garden: locals who have ‘private’ plots, students from the elementary school nearby, as well as the a donation plot that goes to the Ashe Street Grocery.

All profits made from the grocery help fund the upkeep of the park.  Jim Martin arrived shortly after and joined the discussion.

The group utilizing the existing benches

As the traffic whizzed by on 17 we began to evaluate the various locations that a vertical garden could be implemented.

Megan showing 8 possible locations

Eventually Jim and Claire helps to narrow our locations within the site down to 6.  After about an hour and a half we all left the site, excited with the possibilities of this future site . . .

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