Connection Central

While placed on 'connection detail' over the weekend I started investigating the various methods and their appearance. If you're not familiar with bolt connections, this site seems to cover the basics (and probably a little more).  It also has some intense equations that I suspect we will not be needing for a project of our [...]

Navigating the Terrain

It became clear in our last meeting with Claire and Jim that there are a few locations that are in need of the most attention and would benefit the site immensely.  As we move forward with the project, addressing the specific conditions of these various locations will be essential to our success.  A few of [...]

There and Back Again: An Elliotborough Tale

A day that started out warm and sunny quickly turned windy and cold.  This did not deter us! Our group took two vehicles from studio (Sallie's Prius and my ManVan) and we both converged on the glorious site of Elliotborough! Sallie, Adrian, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jason walk towards the park. We arrived shortly after the [...]