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While placed on ‘connection detail’ over the weekend I started investigating the various methods and their appearance.

If you’re not familiar with bolt connections, this site seems to cover the basics (and probably a little more).  It also has some intense equations that I suspect we will not be needing for a project of our scale.

While I was searching for interesting built work , I found this awesome bus stop in Taiwan.  The group that did the designs (JAIA) seems to put together very aged/worn looking projects in their workshops, yet their assembly diagrams are immaculate.

I also found some good images of a post connection to the ground. (I suspect we will not be working with 10 x 10’s at Elliotborough . . .)

Set the Framework
Pour the Footing (Attach the Plate)
Attach post to base


Stabilize Timber and Repeat

Although I don’t think we’re going to do this over 100 times for the entire wall, I think this connection could be very useful when designing the water(tower) catchment system.

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