Irrigation Methods

Our ultimate goal is to use a water catchment system that can be filtered and used  to water our vertical wall design.  After doing extensive research, our original idea of a gravity drip irrigation system would not be the most efficient.  The pressure needed to span the entire wall (which is determined by the height of the water tank in relation to the height of our wall) would not be enough to provide sufficient water to our plants and vegetables.  A possible solution we are currently investigating is a drip irrigation system with the use of a pump.  Some of the initial problems with this system would be the ability to pump the water at ground level to the top of the vertical wall, and span across the entire wall.  An easy solution would be to get a larger pump in hopes that it will get to the other side of the garden wall.  I included some diagrams of an alternative system, using a low profile water tank and pump that is placed at the same height as our tallest vertical member in our design, and then running the drip system across to our wall, held by a trellis, and then going down the vertical members to water our planters.  The idea behind this solution would be that the pump would not need to use energy to run up the wall, limiting the cost of the pump and making it more efficient.  Just a thought!

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