Workin’ it out

This past week has been a rush of working out details, functions and program forms. We thought we may have hit a wall on our progress but our meeting yesterday gave us the boost we really needed to keep going on this project. We worked out some programmatic issues and how they would best be integrated into the wall. You can see this briefly in the diagram below. It highlights how the form of the wall begins to morph and respond to the programmatic elements that we are including, such as storage and compost. These minor changes still provide structure but starts to make a space specifically for these programs.

We also discussed some of the issues with our joints and are planning to meet with Prof. David Pastre, who is currently our ITC-Wood instructor. We are hoping that his expertise will lead us to a successful joinery and foundational system both for the wall as a whole and in the storage and compost elements that will require a strong and simple assembly, so that hopefully we will be able to prefabricate these parts and easily put them into the wall on site.

 We will be starting our mock up of a section of the wall soon. This will be a crucial next step to ensuring the success of all of the working parts within the wall. We will be able to test the joints, foundation, wire patterns and basket attachment methods.

It’s such a bummer that I couldn’t be outside enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having over the past several days but at least I have this wonderful view from my desk!

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