Rain, rain…

Go AWAY! We're at a little bit of a stand still on construction since there's a downpour outside so I thought I'd take this time to give a little brief update. It's been a while since we've posted because we've been hard at work trying to get the wall finished before our final academic review [...]

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Today has been a real challenge. Yesterday we were out at the site from 9am-4pm. We got a lot accomplished but it seems like lately a lot is never enough. We had architect2architect last night from 6pm-9pm as well, which was actually a really great meeting but it made for a long day. Today we got [...]

The Verdict

Last week we presented our project to the Charleston Design Review Board. Our presentation went really well. We were all very well prepared, had more than sufficient material and got pretty good feedback from everyone on the board. We have continued working while waiting for their approval. Today, Prof. Hambright met with some of the [...]

Make Like a Tree and Leave

Before we LEAVE for our spring break next week, we have a lot of work to do so that we can hopefully begin construction quickly after we get back. One of the things I've been working on this week is documenting the existing trees on site. The trees are waxmyrtles and they are currentlyconsidered as [...]

Workin’ it out

This past week has been a rush of working out details, functions and program forms. We thought we may have hit a wall on our progress but our meeting yesterday gave us the boost we really needed to keep going on this project. We worked out some programmatic issues and how they would best be [...]

Charleston Basketmaking

Basketmaking has been part of the Charleston community for over 300 years. The tradition was brought to the harbor from West Africa and has been passed on from generation to generation. Historically, they were made by slaves to collect vegetables and other crops from plantations. After the decline of the plantation system, black families continued [...]

We’re gonna smash them together.

Today is day one of a week long individual design charrette. On Friday, we presented our fruit/vegetable analyses and got our assignment for this week to take what we learned from our fruit/vegetable analysis and what we now know about the site, pick one of 6 different individual onsite locations and create a design for a [...]

Continuing Analysis

Over the weekend, we will all be working to create diagrams, gather plans and draw sections for each of the sites that we have been looking at for our vertical garden project. After we gather all of the information that will be important to know and we have analyzed the different sites in depth, looking at [...]