Down to the Nitty Gritty

Today has been a real challenge. Yesterday we were out at the site from 9am-4pm. We got a lot accomplished but it seems like lately a lot is never enough. We had architect2architect last night from 6pm-9pm as well, which was actually a really great meeting but it made for a long day. Today we got more frames constructed and took them to the site in preperation for tomorrow. Since things are moving along well, I’ll have time to do some work for theory and my other classes now, right? Wrong. We just recieved an email from Sallie with our goals for this week and next. We are going to try to get almost all of the wall completely finished by NEXT FRIDAY!!

We’ll be out at the site bright and early tomorrow at 8am digging, setting and pouring more foundations and erecting more frames. I think it’s safe to say that, while the light is at the end of the tunnel now with only 3 weeks left of school, the stresses and sleepless nights that come with the end of the semester are really starting to get to us, even more so with the strenuous work of a design/build studio. However, we have to remember to keep pushing through because eventually it will all be over and I have confidence that we will have a great product that we can be proud to present to the Elliotborough Community Garden and the larger community of Charleston.

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