Second Day of Construction

Last Friday we began construction on the site with some help from the Elliotborough Community Gardeners, the Charleston Parks Conservancy and volunteers from Starbucks.  We started the day with digging the holes for the foundations with a hand-held auger, but unfortunately, many of the holes had to get dug out by hand as we hit numerous types of obstacle: drainage pipes, concrete blocks and slabs, bricks, and tree roots and stumps.  The tree stumps were finally removed today with a chain and truck and four more foundations were poured this morning and a few frames should be set in as well by this afternoon.  It is great to finally get the ball moving on making our design and hard work a reality and we need to keep moving at a rapid pace to ensure everything is finished by April 30th, our closing semester party and inaugural reveal of the vertical garden wall.   Once the frames are in place we can begin constructing the storage units.  Most likely the sizes will need to be adjusted as with all constuction jobs, not everything will be placed to the exact dimensions.  Therefore, we will retake some measurements in terms of spacing for the frames and update the storage unit drawings accordingly.  Thanks to a much appreciated donation, we have a few gallons of paint in a gradient of colors to finish the storage units with so that wall will be pleasant and colorful year round.  If you get a chance, make sure to stop by or take a peek as you drive past on the Crosstown and check out all of the work that has been done.  It might not look like much now, but once the foundations and frames are placed the rest should come together rather quickly.  I have some pictures to add but they are not handy at this moment so I will be sure to add them later on this evening.  Have a pleasant day and enjoy this beautiful weather, and if you’re bored stop on out at the Elliotborough Community Garden, we will take all of the extra hands we can get!

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