Second Day of Construction

Last Friday we began construction on the site with some help from the Elliotborough Community Gardeners, the Charleston Parks Conservancy and volunteers from Starbucks.  We started the day with digging the holes for the foundations with a hand-held auger, but unfortunately, many of the holes had to get dug out by hand as we hit [...]

The first half of the frames are FINITO

Tidings and greetings to all!  Construction has finally begun and we have gotten off to a racing start.  12 out of the 21 frames were built within two days and in a mere few hours 🙂  The most time consuming part thus far has been figuring out how to notch the compost members so that [...]

One Week Until Construction Begins

Happy Saturday, well it was Saturday when I started writing this!  It is a beautiful day outside, but unfortunately myself and four other students are stuck in the shop in order to finish our boxes for ITC before our due date on Tuesday.  The first week back from break was a bit hectic with a [...]

Spring Break – Box Design

This past week was spring break for the students and faculty at the CAC.C, a welcomed breather to catch up on projects in other classes and for myself, life tasks, like filling out my tax return and working on spring internship applications.  A major project that I began over break was constructing my wood box [...]

It’s all about the details …

Now that the studio is united into an 8 person team for the final wall design the work has been all about the details!  We are working to design the storage, compost, water collection and irrigation, as well as the planting system for the wall.  Many, many, many details need to be worked out and [...]


The past few weeks have been a bit hectic around the CAC.C studio.  With midterms fastly approaching all of us are rushing to complete course work and move along with our group projects in Studio V.  This Monday, as in Valentine's Day, we are presenting the two projects that were chosen after last Friday's individual [...]

Welcome to Studio V

Our first week at the CAC.C has been action packed and full of new challenges and problems for the eight members of Studio V to solve.  From day one we jumped right into a design charrette in which each of us picked a vegetable or fruit to analyze and document.  We have also been working [...]