The first half of the frames are FINITO

Tidings and greetings to all!  Construction has finally begun and we have gotten off to a racing start.  12 out of the 21 frames were built within two days and in a mere few hours 🙂  The most time consuming part thus far has been figuring out how to notch the compost members so that the 1×4 slats will fit in to enclose the compost piles.  The next most challenging part is configuring the storage structure to fit seamlessly within the frames and the form of the wall.  There was some debate over the roof pitches today, but after a few tests, I believe the problem has been resolved and we will begin constructing the storage units next week.  Tons of work to do, very little time, that seems to be the theme for the semester.

All of the frames and pieces of wood stacked up on stickers
8 members are assembled and the compost and remaining frames will be done by Monday
Adrian and Jason modeling the notched compost members

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