Let’s Store Stuff

So we have begun construction, but we are still working out the details on one of the more complicated parts of the wall: the Storage. There is a total of 8 “lockers,” each with varying sizes to accomodate varying sizes of gardening tools: shovels, buckets, wheelbarrows, gardenhose, etc. It has been a time consuming processs but we are on the verge of being finished and hopefully begin construction soon. The reason these lockers have so difficult to figure out is because of the slopes of the roofs that follow the form of the wall but also have enough slope to allow water to run off so as to protect the plywood roof.  Below are just a few construction documents showing the overall plan, front elevation and back elevation, as well as construction details for Box numero 1. Hopefully we will begin construction on these lockers next week as well as begin our site construction!

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