Construction Day

The day has finally come to begin construction.  We have constructed a good number of our vertical members, compost bins, and had the trees removed, the next step was to take it all to the site.  Friday was our first day on site.  We got the front holes dug for the foundations, which was a hassel in intself, and we began removal of three stumps to make way for the members.  Two of the foundations were set in concrete and a couple more are ready for the same.  The biggest issue that took the most time were the stumps.  We removed one of the stumps, but the other two ate up about two hours of the day and are still in the ground.  The next step for us is going to be the removal of the other two stumps and finish setting the foundations so that they have the proper time to set before we start adding weight to them.  Its going to be a busy week, im glad I had enough time to recooperate over the weekend, i was sore after Friday using the auger and removing that one stump.

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