Construction Day

The day has finally come to begin construction.  We have constructed a good number of our vertical members, compost bins, and had the trees removed, the next step was to take it all to the site.  Friday was our first day on site.  We got the front holes dug for the foundations, which was a [...]

Finally It’s Time To Build

It has now come down to this.  We have completed our construction documents, have the details worked out and the budget is complete, the next step is to purchase our supplies and begin construction.  After going in front of the review board, we are now just doing the left side of our wall:  this includes [...]

The “Tension” is Building

After completing the cable system on the vertical wall, and having it checked by a structural engineer, we have now decided to simplify the cable system because with the last system, we were not able to get the cables tight enough.  Simplifying the system will not only reduce the amount of waste we will have, [...]

Putting All The Pieces Together

This week in studio the main main focus to me was to take what we have been looking at on the computer screen and printed out boards and make it a life size model that we could begin to analyze and study and make sure what we designed would actually work.  The main focus were [...]

Supplying More Than Just Water

One of the things I have been looking into the last few days is how we could use the roof of the existing building to store water and pump it to the entire vertical garden.  When first looking into it, I never realized how many details went into putting it all together.  First starting we [...]

The Day Off

After a long week of planning, designing, diagrams, and presentations, I took Sunday afternoon off and visited Patriots Point.  This might sound selfish or even a little lazy but all I was doing was trying to get a clear head for the next phase of this semester long project.  I have to start off by [...]

From Pepper To Vertical Garden

The next step in this semester long project is to take what we have learned from studying and analyzing our fruits and vegetables and use those concepts in designing vertical gardening elements for Elliotborough Community Garden.  With the pepper that I studied I focused on the structure and void space.  I was assigned the existing [...]

The Infamous Pepper

This week has been challenging in many aspects but the one that got to me was the green bell pepper.  Building models have never been a part of my arsenal, but to make one that represents void space, structure and skin I found to be very difficult.  In the beginning of this project I brought [...]