Putting All The Pieces Together

This week in studio the main main focus to me was to take what we have been looking at on the computer screen and printed out boards and make it a life size model that we could begin to analyze and study and make sure what we designed would actually work.  The main focus were the many different ways to join the pieces together, we had 6 main structures, each one of them was assembled using a different method.  The structures were also configured with different footings as well, even the spacing between the structures was studied.  We wanted to make sure that the final design that we choose is truely the best option. 

Aside from the wooden structures, we also began the look at the walkway and how this would tie into the overall wall.  We knew as soon as we made the first platform that the height had to come down.  This is why we made the mock-up. Every aspect of this mock-up was tested, we even used different nuts, bolts, and screws.  We also began to test the wire and buckets that will make up the vegetative aspect of this build  I will have to say since I have been in Charleston, this is the most fun I have had.  I enjoy working with my hands and instead of guessing or debating whether it will work or not, actually building it and proving or disproving a particular system of installation.  Another key aspect that i think working on the mock-up taught me was that the full installation is going to take a lot of time and effort from everyone in our studio.

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